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South Australia

Check out these candidates for the upcoming federal election.

Ian Markos
#1 Senate Candidate for SA

Starting as a tradie, Ian rose to become the Director of Construction for SafeWork SA and the CEO of the Master Builders Association SA. His national and international work, policy expertise, political engagement, technical knowledge, and high-level public and private experience enable him to effectively represent the people of South Australia.

Ian has been a strong critic against mandates, lockdowns and emergency powers, and the effect they have had on small business and people's freedoms. While many politicians Ian spoke with agreed with his views in private, they lacked the courage to speak up in public. Due to his views he was removed from the Premiers Covid Response and Recovery committee.

Ian believes that elected representatives, not unelected bureaucrats, should run our government. He supports a freer society with lower taxes, fewer regulations that harm businesses and less bureaucracy. Ian believes in cheap reliable power, including the use of coal and nuclear power in a free market, removing regulatory barriers for affordable housing and bringing back sovereign manufacturing to Australia. Ian also believes we should be free to travel anywhere in Australia without the need for a government permit. He also believes an axe must be taken to the ever increasing red tape that strangles small business in Australia.

After seeing the absence of Federal Government support for the rights of Australians, Ian will be a strong voice for freedom in the Senate.


Joshua Smith
#2 Senate Candidate for SA

Born in Adelaide, Joshua grew up across the city’s northern suburbs, met a diverse range of people, and experienced both the positive and negative sides of the community. While witnessing drug and alcohol abuse and violence, he also saw the family and community spirit that brought people together, including neighbours helping each other and sharing Sunday barbecues. As result, he strongly upholds and defends the values that unite Australians.

Experiencing the hardships and a side of life that most politicians never have experienced has motivated Joshua to fight for the people of South Australia and their future. He grew up around victims of violence, so he strongly believes in the right to legally use non-lethal force in self-defence. He also is a staunch supporter of free speech.

Josh aims to bring a piece of the real world to Parliament and make changes to help Australians sleep better at night.


Aleksandra Nikolic
Candidate for Boothby

Aleksandra grew up in Glengowrie and lives with her young family in Marino. She’s closely connected to her community and understands the challenges of the electorate and the changes they want to see. In addition to raising four children and studying for a Bachelor of Nursing, she owns a children’s clothing boutique. Her strong organizational and communication skills enable her to manage a busy life.

She has experienced the challenges of running a small business, especially during the pandemic. Aleksandra supports small government and increasing peace and prosperity through personal responsibility. This includes ending vaccine passports and mandates to enable everyone to return to work, implementing low flat taxes, and protecting the right to use cash.

With a strong family focus, Aleksandra believes schools should always be kept open, and supports reform in the child protection system and a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Aleksandra backs increasing accountability in government. She wants to see more transparency on political donations, the end of the two-party system, and more representatives who have real-life experience, not career politicians.

Jacob van Raalte
Candidate for Mayo

Jacob has lived most of his life in the Mayo electorate. Growing up, he learned the importance of freedom by listening to the stories of his grandfather, who served in the Dutch underground resistance during WWII. After the war, his grandfather immigrated to Australia in search of opportunity free from government overreach.

As a child, Jacob was a victim of violence and abuse. He now advocates for survivors and volunteers in support groups to help people overcome their traumas. His experience influenced his belief that the powerful – including government – should not force their will on the vulnerable. He stands by the principle that decisions made by free individuals will always produce a better world than decisions imposed by force from above.

He completed a Bachelor of Economics degree at Flinders University. Jacob learned that he preferred the outdoors and physical work to a desk job, so he became a professional tree climber and started a tree and garden business, which has been serving his community for the past 30 years.

He lives by the principle that people should be left alone as long as they are not harming others. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.”

Thomas McMahon
Candidate for Sturt

Thomas grew up in Adelaide and developed a love of learning. After completing schooling at Prescott College, he gained experience in several areas, including healthcare, retail, customer service, and construction. His broad work experience opened his eyes to the challenges Australian workers face. Thomas has also been a serial entrepreneur – including a magician and event manager – with his latest venture in farming mushrooms for restaurants.

He strongly believes that the infinite potential of humanity can be advanced by increasing freedom and focusing on the things that bring people together. His top issues are restoring freedom of speech, developing cheap and reliable energy (including nuclear), implementing a flat tax, reducing government spending, and decentralising education to fund students and promote choice.

Thomas’s experience in business and farming showed him how government regulations hinder progress and prosperity. He supports cutting onerous farming and food regulations to enable the production of a wider variety of crops to produce more healthy and low-cost food and increase employment. He also wants to boost business development by abolishing the payroll tax, and lowering the cost and complexity of business registration and licensing.

Peter Miller
Candidate for Grey

Peter Miller lives in Kadina and is closely connected to the community. He has held leadership and volunteer roles with several local organisations, including RDA Kadina, Kadina CFS, Kadina Bloodhounds Football Club, and the Copper Coast Motorsport Show ‘N’ Shine.

He strongly believes in personal responsibility and small, limited and accountable government. Peter’s philosophy closely aligns with the Liberal Democrats’ belief in free markets and free trade, voluntary association, and ending COVID alarmism.

Peter holds a B Bus Accounting and is a member of CPA Australia.