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Campbell Newman – Real Leadership & Fighting for Queensland

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Campbell Newman, AO, has served his country and community with distinction and now wants to take the fight to Canberra. Back in politics, Newman is now running as Lead Senate Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Queensland. He left the LNP knowing that they had lost their way, and were no longer putting people first, as a major party should.

He was known for never quitting and getting things done as Lord Mayor of Brisbane from 2004 to 2011 and Premier of Queensland from 2012 to 2015.

“I’m a believer that we should have smaller government, lower taxes, balanced budgets and a greater emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability,” Newman says.

“That’s why I’ve joined the Liberal Democrats."

“As a Senator in Canberra, I’ll have the power to make the major parties accountable for their actions and the things they have failed to do.”


Campbell Newman Gets Things Done

  • Conceiving and delivering the Transapex road infrastructure project which saw the construction of the Clem 7 Tunnel, Airport Link Tunnel, Legacy Way Tunnel and Go Between Bridge
  • Leading Brisbane through the devastating Jan 2011 floods and the cleanup response
  • Putting 740 new air­-conditioned buses on the road in a seven year period
  • Conceiving and delivering the $1 billion Road Action Plan for Brisbane in the period from 2008 to 2011
  • Delivering seven consecutive balanced/ surplus city budgets
  • Reforming Queensland’s Public Hospitals system that saw them deliver the best emergency department performance and surgery waiting times in the nation
  • Developed the Queensland Plan – a comprehensive blueprint for the next 30 years of the State’s growth
  • Recruited, trained and deployed an extra 1,100 police in a three year period
  • Balancing the $48 billion state budget by cutting wasteful expenditure and downsizing the workforce 
  • Developing and commencing implementation of a 10-year, $10 billion Action Plan to upgrade the Bruce Highway from Brisbane to Cairns.

Newman promises he and the Liberal Democrats will stand up for everyday Queenslanders and will fight to protect their values and institutions and deliver for all.

“I can no longer sit back and watch politicians in Canberra do nothing and deliver nothing, but I need your support to hold them to account. We need to get rid of the career politicians who only think about their own future, not yours.”

Campbell Newman and his senate running mate Tegan Grainger vow to take the fight to Canberra and keep the faceless backroom powerbrokers at bay.


The Liberal Democrats Will Take Real Action

  • Better Telecommunications
    Investing in telecommunications infrastructure
    (no more mobile dropouts)

  • Improve Roads & Highways
    Implementing essential upgrades to road and highway infrastructure (especially the Bruce Highway)

  • Storm & Flood Mitigation
    Enacting practical flood and storm mitigation plans.

  • Better Dams & Irrigation 
    Upgrades to preexisting and establishment of new dam and irrigation programs

  • Save Homes From Future Floods

    Fighting for shelved plans would have seen up to 10,000 homes and businesses in Brisbane protected from this year’s floods

  • New QLD Inland Rail
    Implementing a superior Inland rail going through to Gladstone, providing huge economic benefits throughout QLD

  • Improve Agriculture
    Saving premium agricultural farmland, particularly in the Lockyer Valley

  • Support Small Business
    Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive throughout QLD

  • Better Police
    Improving and building better police presence in both metro and regional QLD

  • Rebuild QLD Tourism
    greater tourism development across the state to revitalise an industry shut down for the last 2 years


To achieve all of these things, we need your support at the upcoming Federal Election.

Vote 1 Liberal Democrats

For the Senate and House of Representatives

The Liberal Democrats are the only sensible alternative to provide real leadership and to fight for Queensland!