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Northern Territory

Check out these candidates for the upcoming federal election.

Dr Sam McMahon
#1 Senate Candidate for NT

Dr Sam McMahon has been the Senator for the Northern Territory since 2019. A long term Territorian, multi award winning businesswoman, qualified Veterinary Surgeon, and passionate advocate for the NT.


Jed Hansen
#2 Senate Candidate for NT

Self employed tradesman and local event photographer Jed Hansen has resided in Darwin for the last 26 years and called the NT home for over 35 years. Jed has been actively involved in politics since early high school through Student Representative Committees and Youth Parliament subsequently joining the CLP at 19. HoldingĀ various roles over the 17 years in the CLP, Jed contested the seat of Wanguri in the 2020 NT Election before moving into management as Vice President of the CLP in 2021.

However, frustrated and disillusioned with internal party disunity and a loss of core conservative values Jed resigned from the CLP, moving to independent before siding with other former CLP members and joining the LDP for the 2022 Federal Election with future plans to grow the LDP branch in the NT.

A strong advocate for accountability and transparency in government Jed fiercely believes that all politicians should be answerable for the decisions they make and the taxpayer money they spend. Further mechanisms including stiffer penalties need to be established to ensure that government officials aren't allowed to skirt rules or procedure and hide it from the public. "We need small dynamic governments and low taxation, rather than the self-serving and misleading behemoth that government is."

Jed holds firmly to core libertarian values, that every person should be treated fairly and equally and be free of political coercion. That people have a right to their life, liberty and property. "People need to feel safe in their homes, their work, and out in public. Criminals need to be held to account for the damage and injury they inflict."

He wants others to share in his vision for the future where the NT is self-sufficient and a trading powerhouse of resource commodities and agricultural goods to the ever growing market of our Asian neighbours. "NT should be the food bowl to Asia. We should be able to grow and feed all Territorians right here and we should have the capacity to feed our closest neighbours."

The NTs focus should be on establishing the strongest infrastructure and primary production possible creating an untold number of job and business opportunities.


Kylie Bonanni
Candidate for Solomon

Stay tuned for more information on our candidate.

George Kasparek
Candidate for Lingiari

Stay tuned for more information on our candidate.