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New South Wales

Check out these candidates for the upcoming federal election.

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John Ruddick
#1 Senate Candidate for NSW

John Ruddick grew up in Tamworth and came to Sydney in 1991 to study at the University of Sydney. In the mid 1990s John was a staffer for Ross Cameron MP and since 2000 has worked as a self-employed mortgage broker.

John joined the Liberal Democrats in mid 2021 after three decades of involvement with the NSW Liberal Party. In 2018 he published Make the Liberal Party Great Again which advocated for democratic reform within that party. He joined the Liberal Democrats after being shocked by the Morrison government’s over-reaction to COVID and the accompanying $1.2 trillion of Commonwealth debt and a capitulation on a fanciful net-zero carbon economy.

John is a regular contributor with the Spectator Australia and has appeared many times on Sky News along with having opinion pieces published in the major Australian newspapers.


John Larter
#2 Senate Candidate for NSW

John Larter is a former Paramedic who lost his job when the state government brought in vaccine mandates in 2021. Spearheading the legal challenge in the NSW Supreme Court against Health Minister Brad Hazzard, he subsequently lost the case that same year. 

Now, John is a leading voice in the community rejecting the NSW Government’s intrusive policies on the personal health choices of its citizens. As a former health professional, John is the leading voice in the battle for NSW Health workers – those who were once glorified by the mainstream media as heroes in the face of the pandemic, and now denied the right to work in their field. John has now taken up the position as the number two senate candidate for the NSW Liberal Democrats to support a more freedom-focused policy agenda to combat the increasing authoritarianism of the major parties.


James Caldwell
#3 Senate Candidate for NSW

I am a qualified accountant and father of 3 who is currently working with small Aussie-grown businesses. I live on the South Coast of NSW and have done for most of my life. I know that when the NSW economy slows down the regional areas are the first to feel the pain and I can see that economic slowdown becoming a harsh reality in the next 3 years. 

I was horrified when I watched Scott Morrison deliver his “economic recovery” package at the start of the pandemic in 2020 and could only see it as intentional vandalism or gross financial incompetence. I immediately became determined to join a party that had sound economic credentials and could see the old parties had an effective monopoly on power. With COVID-19, I was shocked by the authoritarian agenda, seeing healthy people and healthy businesses forced into lockdown to achieve arbitrary targets. The “science” was never there but what was most concerning was the lack of opposition, defending personal freedoms and liberty.

I soon found the Liberal Democrats. Not only do their values align with my personal beliefs but their actions match their words. I am supporting and representing the Liberal Democrats because I want Less Government and More Freedom for myself and my family.


Mark Guest
#4 Senate Candidate for NSW

Mark Guest is a long-term supporter of small government, low taxes, individual freedom, and having a free market economy within our Nation. A hardworking industrialist, accountant, expert business advisor, and a gun-owning, flag-flying Aussie.

Mark considers Government's only legitimate role is to create good laws and to ensure that we the people live free of tyrants and the nanny state. That we are all left well alone!

He is a founding member of the Liberal Democrats.  An anti-Karen, an anti-socialist, a proud Australian, husband and father of three.  A man who believes that each of us has a life purpose.  One that is not live on our knees, on welfare, or to become wealthy from government rorts or taxpayer support.


Daniel Lewkovitz
Candidate for Wentworth

Daniel Lewkovitz is The Chief Executive Officer of Australian security and life safety firm Calamity. Under his leadership in ten years the multi award winning company has grown from a single customer to protecting thousands of Australians, billions in assets and iconic brands and critical infrastructure.

Daniel is considered one of the country’s foremost experts in security and risk management and has internationally recognised qualifications and expertise in information security, physical security, antiterrorism and public safety spanning three decades. His company is a major employer of people with disabilities and his staff have saved many lives.

Born in Sydney to a postwar migrant family Daniel was educated at Sydney Boys High School and the University of Wollongong. His LinkedIn profile is a rare beacon of commercial reality and commonsense in a sea of virtue signalling and tribal politics. Daniel is a fierce critic of government interference in business and an environment which rewards dishonesty and discourages small business at every level. He is a believer in free speech and a fair go as well as rewarding and supporting those who take risks and work hard to build the nation.

He has entered politics frustrated by the lack of talent in Parliament and a class of bureaucrats and politicians who’ve sacrificed a generation of other Australians despite having no skin in the game themselves.

Cameron Shamsabad
Candidate for McMahon

I am a 25 year old lawyer from Western Sydney, and I've proudly lived my whole life in the Penrith LGA, where my wife and I reside with our family. I've always had a passion for justice and protecting the community. Here in Western Sydney I've seen friends I grew up with - good working class people - who had worked hard in their trades to buy their first home and start a family - crushed by lockdowns and restrictions. And coerced, by the threat of unemployment and bankruptcy, to undertake medical procedures they did not want.

I joined the Liberal Democratic Party in 2021, having previously not joined any other Australian political party. However, after the unprecedented expansion of government interference in our lives; and the unprecedented damage to our community caused by government during the COVID-19 period, I knew something needed to change.

Ben Roughley
Candidate for Chifley

Born and bred in the western suburbs of Sydney, Ben grew more concerned as government overreach increased exponentially, due to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He works in sales, likes to keep fit by practising mixed martial arts, and has just bought his first house in the area with his partner.

Young people will bare the brunt of this pandemic response for many years, so Ben wants to actively make sure this never happens again, and stand up as a young voice for real leadership in this country. With his great enthusiasm he wants to be a voice for freedom and small government at the next federal election, representing the seat of Chifley.

"I'm just a concerned citizen who wants to be part of the change in the world and I believe the Liberal Democrats can do this going forward."

Victor Tey
Candidate for Werriwa

I’m a husband and father of six, and the pastor of a local church that has been serving in the Western Sydney area for 7 years. I also worked for a large company in sales support and continuous improvement for 10 years.

I'm concerned about the loss of freedoms in our country and there is a need for principled people in politics who respect those freedoms. If we don’t put a stop to what is happening, our children will not grow up with the same freedoms that we did. This is why I decided to run as the candidate for Werriwa in the coming federal election. I have been an outspoken critic of the government's over-reaction to COVID from the very beginning and was arrested several times for protesting the lockdowns and mandates. With the help of Rebel News, I have taken the NSW Government to the Supreme Court to fight for our freedom of speech. The hearing is likely to be held in June 2022.

Liza Tazewell
Candidate for Parramatta

Liza Tazewell (nee Pranjic/Suroprajitno) grew up in Guildford, Western Sydney, the proud daughter of immigrant parents.

Raised in a family which taught the important values of compassion, hard work and the tenacity required to achieve your dreams, the foundations on which I built a successful career as a Director in Banking in Australia, U.K and Asia, and responsible for leading Risk, Surveillance, Financial Crimes and Market Operations Teams.

Whilst living in Asia I established a not-for-profit skills training school for survivors of human trafficking, by empowering young women through teaching viable skills resulting in employment opportunities.

Currently, a small business owner in Parramatta providing design and building renovation services, I witnessed the devastating impact of the government’s COVID-19 response on hard-working Australians, notably those deemed ‘non-essential’. 

This compelled me to get involved in politics and provide an alternative voice for the electorate of Parramatta.  The collusion of the major parties has dismantled any trust we had our government; they no longer served the interests of the people.  We need a balance of power, and this led me to join the LibDems in 2021; a principles based party who could be trusted to support our individual human rights.

It’s time for change. No longer can we accept the discrimination, division, coercion, and erosion of our Australian democracy. Let’s return Australia to the lucky country.

Dean McCrae
Candidate for Riverina

Dean McCrae was born and bred in Temora in the mighty Riverina, NSW and is a long time servant of liberty. the "Freedom Chef" has spent the large majority of his professional life as a chef in Australia and abroad, and has actively been involved in all areas of business and community activities - including the "Ride for Joe" events and Soldier On charities.

He is also in more recent times the full time single dad of his 9 year old son which inspired the return home to Temora - one of the best places in the country to raise a young lad.

The last two years have only increased Dean's commitment to the freedom movement and doing everything possible to push back against an ever more authoritarian government. He wants his son to enjoy a life of freedom and liberty without the permanent threat of government intrusion, coercion, and intimidation from a political class determined to have a submissive weak population. Freedom over Fear always.

Michael Glover
Candidate for Cunningham

Michael is a sports enthusiast and lover of Wollongong and her surrounds. After moving from Sydney to Wollongong 10 years ago Michael and wife Róisín have built their family in the Illawarra. Michael is a qualified Chiropractor and published scientific author in the field of radiology. Michael loves his work, providing care to those in the community.

If elected, Michael promises to work hard for the people of the Illawarra and never to vote for an increase in taxation or a reduction in freedom.

Nicholas Samios
Candidate for Berowra

Nicholas Samios is a long-time resident of Berowra, a husband, and a father of three children raised and schooled in the Berowra electorate.  Born into a small business family, he turned his passion for small business into a long career in commercial finance, funds management and investment.  He shares the dream held by business owners and aspirational parents alike - to have the freedom to make their own decisions, and to stand on their own two feet with government out of their way.  He is running for Berowra to help make this dream a reality.

Dr Bentley Logan
Candidate for Robertson

Dr Bentley Logan grew up in Townsville, North Queensland with his family managing a property with cattle. He graduated from James Cook University and completed his residency at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. He undertook further studies, working within the specialties of ophthalmology, medical administration, emergency medicine, and is currently training within general practice. Bentley has interests in promoting preventative health care, innovative utilisation of available healthcare systems, optimization of environments and patient advocacy. 

Bentley recognises the importance of maintaining strong virtues in the face of adversity. He supports patient centred healthcare, limited interference from non-elected health officials within the personal lives of individuals and has demonstrated integrity with supporting access to early sequential multidrug therapy.

As the Liberal Democrats Candidate for Robertson, Bentley has listened to the concerns that patients have expressed and now seeks to address these through political advocacy as a medical leader.

Sonia Bailey
Candidate for Paterson

Sonia is a devoted wife, mother of two, and has lived in the Paterson electorate for almost 30 years.

Learning, and teaching what she has learned to others, is something Sonia loves - particularly when she knows it is going to improve their work skills, life skills, and overall quality of life.

Whether it’s volunteering at the local op-shop, helping fundraise for the Girl Guides, or cooking meals for those in need, Sonia immerses herself in the community and eagerly helps people from all walks of life.

Sonia fights for the freedoms of others, for better mental health and paediatric services, and for the accountability of our elected politicians. The time has come for career and hereditary politicians to step aside as we the people take back control of our nation.

Sonia is a founding member of Friends of Freedom, a community group that unites the independent political parties to bring the truth to all voters.

Michael Wheeler
Candidate for Whitlam

Born and raised in Wagga Wagga, Michael moved to Randwick after completing his HSC to study Economics at the University of New South Wales. Following a career in financial markets and Information technology which saw him living and working across the globe, Michael sought a quieter life for his young family and relocated to Bathurst, where they followed their interests in small farming.

Michael and his wife have since homeschooled their 3 daughters during their primary school years over a 10 year period. He has been involved in community and sporting organisations, whilst consulting to both schools and NSW education authorities on home schooling and other educational issues.

Currently living in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Michael is committed to utilising his business, community and educational experience, strong family values, and principles shared with the Lib Dem Party,  to bring integrity and accountability back to the political landscape of Australia.

Peter Rothwell
Candidate for Parkes

Peter Rothwell is a multi-generational farmer from the Dubbo region. He is an agricultural innovator, working with specialist suppliers in the advancement and improvement of production. For his consistently successful outcomes, he is frequently called upon for media interviews, articles, and podcasts.

A senior officer with VRA Rescue NSW, his love for his community sees him often called upon to serve the region as a primary responder and rescue operator.

With his deep convictions for the freedom, rights, and liberties of each individual, Peter has chosen to do more than just discuss solutions. Having been a long-time supporter of the LibDems, he has stepped up as the candidate for Parkes, as he has been moved so much by the government restrictions and mandates during the Covid pandemic. He sees that the major parties have no values left, and that the Lib Dems are the only party of principle that will stand up for the regions.

Peter is well known in his community for empowering and encouraging people to be strong and courageous in their everyday lives. He brings his fresh ideas and perspective to the current political climate, and his commitment to the cause will result in change – it’s simply a matter of time.

Peter Runge
Candidate for Fowler

A long term resident of the district, Peter grew up frugally, and learnt perseverance by completing his Bachelor of Science in 1988. Although growing up in a Labour-dominated community, Peter formed a view early in life that principles founded on the individual's freedom were the best way for governing Australia. Sadly, he has observed governments encroaching on people's personal space more and more.

As a conservative free-market type person, he could see how economic values rewarded effort best for the individual and society. Moving from conservative to a more libertarian view of life, Peter started seeing that government is just as useless at trying to control people's social behaviour and habits, and that regulation often does more harm than good.

Peter first connected with the Liberal Democrats by attending Sydney branch meetings in 2016, and stood as a LibDem Upper House Candidate in the 2019 NSW Election.

"I found the Liberal Democrats as I became convinced that I needed to participate in politics more actively. Over time I have become fascinated with the people in the Liberal Democrats and their discussions on public policy. Getting involved with a few election campaigns, I feel part of a movement that stands for sound principles and has a great future."

Dr Barry Reed
Candidate for Shortland

Barry has been about care, service, and solutions for the people of Lake Macquarie for thirty years. Living in Lake Macquarie since 1991, Barry started as a public hospital maxillofacial surgeon caring for victims of facial fractures, severe infections, and mouth cancer.

When the Royal Newcastle Hospital was slated for closure by the NSW Liberal Government in 1991, Barry’s problem solving idea stopped them cold from closing the Royal down. Back in 1983, Barry’s first passion as a newly minted dentist from Sydney’s West, was caring for adults with severe disabilities at Westmead Hospital.

When NSW sufferers of infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, many of the latter being former Asian refugees, were stuck untreated on the NSW public waiting list in the 1980s, Barry problem solved by volunteering to commence the first NSW public dental clinic for sufferers of infectious disease at Westmead Hospital.

At age 48, Barry joined the Army Reserve, volunteering to help at remote Aboriginal communities. As a civilian aid volunteer, Barry visits Papua New Guinea - 12 times so far. Barry continues to care for his community of Lake Macquarie at his Charlestown and Toukley practices.

Barry has stepped up as our candidate for Shortland, as like you, he cares about solving the big problems facing our community of Lake Macquarie and facing Australia: living costs exploding, children behind in school, jobs at risk, our cherished freedoms crushed, our nation’s safety now at risk.

Mark Hornshaw
Candidate for Lyne

My wife and I decided to make our home on the beautiful mid north coast and enjoy the idyllic mix of rural and coastal living, all within a community of like-minded, freedom loving people. But this is not something we can ever take for granted. The last two years have revealed how power hungry politicians and bureaucrats are all too willing to trample our rights, to ban us from employment or even from seeing our loved ones, and to force their will on us, all while spending our children’s inheritance on their own wasteful schemes. 

I am a part of the Liberal Democrats’ national policy committee and was one of the authors of the Freedom Manifesto, which outlines 10 key policies to get the government off your back, and restore the freedom to live your life and build community at the local level. It is a radical alternative to the political status quo, which I encourage you to read. But I feel it's important to also be on the front lines in this fight. I have put up my hand to run as the LDP candidate for Lyne, to stand up to the major parties and say - enough is enough. The major parties need to be held to account for what they have done to us.

In addition to farming life I am a university lecturer in Economics and Entrepreneurship. I have served as President of a State Sporting Organisation and worked in overseas aid and development, and have previously run telecommunications businesses. My wife and I have six amazing children.

James Jackson
Candidate for Macquarie

James was raised in Sydney’s North West.

James has a proven 30 year record of running teams and delivering FinTech innovation throughout Asia Pacific. James’s first job was at 15 and he subsequently undertook undergrad and postgrad studies at night whilst working in banking during the day. A student of International Development at RMIT, James is keenly aware of the foundational importance of good governance, economic fundamentals, property and individual rights to societal flourishing. James believes Liberty is Australia’s jewel but also that it is exceedingly fragile and that we should all be vigilant in its protection and never, ever take it for granted.

James is running in Macquarie to build a better future for Australian children through the protection of the rights of their parents. As a father of two young children, both withheld abroad by their mother, James has first-hand understanding of the terrible limitations and detrimental impacts of ill-conceived, adversarial family law in Australia and overseas. James has volunteered for many years on the board of a national parental peer support charity and as a group facilitator helping Mums and Dads suffering from ‘parental alienation’ and helping them remain in their children’s lives.

If elected to the seat of Macquarie, James will fight tooth and nail for the classic liberal tradition of equality under law and for a new legal presumption that all separated parents enjoy equal shared parenting time of their children until they reach a negotiated consent. James says “It’s time to enshrine the ‘Golden Rule’, to level the playing field and in doing so remove the incendiary element that has for decades manifested family law dysfunction! We owe it to our kids to do better!”

James firmly believes volunteerism, as an expression of personal freedom, builds up community whereas unchecked welfarism breaks it down. When not assisting alienated parents, James volunteers with the Rural Fire Service and is a regular donor at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

James believes passionately that individuals should make their own health choices, that we should say no to mandates, no to health passports, no to coercion. James knows he has imperfect knowledge but that equally, so does Government – there is no ‘Ministry of Truth’ or monopoly on “science”. Authority is not truth, indeed truth is the only authority – and discovered only through free speech and wide, disciplined inquiry! With few exceptions people should not have to choose between their conscience and becoming unemployed - that is dead wrong! A better world, a moral world comes only through reciprocity and this requires negotiation, consent and individual responsibility – not handouts. Australia’s problems can’t be fixed by the same parties that created them – vote them out. Vote 1 for James and the LibDems for the great seat of Macquarie.

Gary Biggs
Candidate for Richmond

I believe regular people are sick of being dictated to and bullied by those who have been in power too long. They seem to believe it is their “destiny” to rule over us. The average punter needs the chance to vote for a real freedom party, a party with liberty at its very core. Not a party who discovered “more freedom” just in time for an election. Not a Green ring-in pretending to be a Freedom “Independent” and waiting until after the election to reveal their true colours and cut off our 24/7 reliable electricity.

I am a Richmond local through and through and know the special difficulties we face, being a border community a long way from Sydney. This was brought into sharp focus when Queensland selfishly closed its border to the good folk of Richmond. The heartless attitude of those responsible and the spinelessness from our representatives were unforgivable. Know that I will fight for our community. When everyday people “have a go” they should get a fair crack!

As a proud small business owner I have seen how petty interference from government’s mini-tyrants lording it over us ruin small businesses. This hurts those risking their money but it also hurts everyone, the whole community from Ballina to Tweed Heads, who would enjoy all the wonderful services small business provides.

Small businesses should know I will have their back whether in Richmond or around the country.

I never wanted a political “career” and only reluctantly agreed to run because Richmond has been politically “too safe” for too long. It’s time we weren’t taken for granted in Richmond. It’s time “to shake things up”. It’s time to regain our liberty!

Scott Korman
Candidate for Macarthur

Scott Korman has spent most of his life in the Macarthur area. Working in IT projects alongside the Department of Education and major infrastructure companies, he has seen the catastrophic bungling and mismanagement which only government contracts can produce.

In recent years, Scott has volunteered his time to video and social media work for community causes and has worked hard in his local area to raise attention for important causes, at times controversially.

Scott joined the Liberal Democrats to take his community work to another level. He will never vote for an increase in taxes or a reduction in freedom.

Dajen Tinkler
Candidate for North Sydney

Dajen Tinkler was born and raised in Sydney. In his younger years, like so many of us, he was apathetic about politics but as he watched the decline of Australia's industry, our way of life and our freedoms he realised it wasn't the country he grew up in anymore. 

Dajen realised the 2-party system has failed Australia and instead of giving in he got fired up. he's watched as government overreach and overreactions made life worse for all of us. 

He joined the LDP after discovering that it was the only party that was committed to smaller government and bigger freedoms. Dajen is willing to put his money where his mouth his when it comes to caring about the Aussie way of life and running as a candidate with the LDP is exactly how he's doing it - trying to take the concerns of his community into parliament and help stop the insanity.


Clinton Mead
Candidate for Mitchell

With four years experience on Campbelltown Council, Clinton knows that government is ill-equipped to solve problems even on the local level, let alone from Canberra. Clinton is a software developer working in the private sector, and has spent years becoming an expert in this particular field, whereas politicians are just experts at getting the public to vote for them.

Clinton knows he's not an expert in the thousands of areas that government intrudes. However unlike most other politicians, is willing to admit it, so would work towards smaller government. He will do this by moving towards having as many decisions as possible made by appropriate private sector specialists, individuals, families and consumers - and less by politicians and their taxpayer funded bureaucrats.


Adrian Fadini
Candidate for Gilmore

Adrian Fadini is a husband, father and the founding Director of TradesFormation which has turned around struggling businesses and improved the lives of thousands of Aussie tradies. Adrian is driven to serve and build his community, and to help them take charge of their own lives.

Watching politicians who have never run a business or held down a real job make decisions that destroy lives is what drove Adrian to throw his hat in the ring as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

Adrian joined the LDP because he saw it was the only party committed to giving people the freedom to live their lives and take responsibility for themselves. He wants to be part of a team that understands what life is like for ordinary Australians, not professional politicians.

Eliot Metherell
Candidate for Dobell

Eliot knows that the only person who can run someone's life is themselves. He also knows that politicians are in the habit of running other people's lives carelessly and without regard to the cost.

Previously working for the Australian Taxpayer's Alliance, the country's leading grassroots free-market advocacy group, Eliot has spent years trying to make politicians see things from our side of the fence, from the ordinary Australian's side. Having also worked as a builder's labourer, he knows a bit about sweating for your pay too. 

White collar or blue, he's never stopped demanding a fair go for Australians. He's never stopped arguing for your right to keep what you earn and live how you like.

Eliot became a candidate for the LDP so he could keep battling for Australians to have a fair go and a free life.


Maxwell Holmes
Candidate for Eden-Monaro

Maxwell Holmes is originally from rural Queensland, moved to New South Wales in his twenties and has recently become a first-time property owner in Eden-Monaro. As a digital health expert, Maxwell was on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response rollout and experienced firsthand the mistakes and mishandling of the government's decision making. He's watched as government overreach and overreactions made life difficult for everyone. Maxwell joined the Liberal Democrats and is running for election to advocate for systemic change, represent the diverse communities of Eden-Monaro and will strive to give local people a chance to live free and happy lives, without government interference. 

Maxwell pays too much tax, and so do you, 

If elected, Maxwell promises to never vote for an increase in taxes or a reduction in freedom and will fight to keep the government out of your life.

Joaquim De Lima
Candidate for Hume

Joaquim De Lima came to Australia from Brazil when he was 7, becoming a citizen of this great country in 1993. He has worked in IT for over 20 years and was employed by NSW Health until he stood up and resisted vaccine mandates - leading to him losing his job last year. He has been a member of the LDP for over a decade now and has a strong track record, fighting for the rights of all of us.

Joaquim has watched as government overreach and overreactions made life worse for all of us. Joaquim joined the Liberal Democrats and is running as a candidate this Federal election to stand up for the community, end the insanity and give local people a chance to live free and happy lives. He will advocate for your rights and ensure that the community comes first.

Elouise Cocker
Candidate for Banks

Elouise used to work for a small business as a beautician but in 2020 she quit her job in protest, not wanting to enforce the government's ineffectual and contradictory mask mandates on her clients.

As time went on, Elouise found herself drawn further into politics as government kneejerk responses to COVID-19 destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people. Instead of being discouraged she became more motivated. Despite difficulty finding work due to lockdowns and mandates, she held true to her beliefs and now helps run the LDP's Federal Election campaign in NSW.

Elouise has decided to run for election to bring a voice of reason, freedom and good government back to parliament. To end the insanity and get Australia back on track.


Andrew Cameron
Candidate for Reid

Andrew Cameron is a keen student of history and someone who has followed politics his whole life. He understands how governments work to increase their power and control and saw the enormous government overreach during the COVID-19 response as a natural extension of this. 

Andrew believes society works best when individuals have bigger roles and governments have smaller ones. He believes in free speech and the power of open conversations to solve problems.

Andrew joined the LDP to help bring positive change to the community, to help end the 2-party monopoly on power and bring genuine discussions of liberty back to the table. He knows he is the right person to uphold and advocate for your voice, your concerns, and your rights.

Thomas Searles
Candidate for Page

Being born and bred in Northern NSW, Tom has always been passionate about our community. As the Director and President of several food security, farm support and not for profit community groups he has always endeavoured to build the community we all deserve.

Before the pandemic hit our shores, Tom wrote several articles and papers to local councils and State and Federal politicians, including our incumbent MP, on the likely long-term impacts of COVID19, the threats to our freedoms, to our food security, and to our small businesses – all of which fell on deaf ears.

Tom has been motivated to enter the political sphere after watching the dangerous mismanagement of the Northern Rivers over the past three years – including the bushfires, the pandemic response, and the recent floods.

Tom believes in personal freedoms, including the right to bodily autonomy, and was alarmed at the way our government quickly imposed vaccine mandates and lockdowns upon residents.

Tom is a Registered Surveyor and spatial scientist who has worked in disaster resilience for years, including being an expert witness for the Supreme Court.

 Follow Thomas's campaign trail here

Dougal Cameron
Candidate for Bennelong
Dougal Cameron is a Bennelong local. Born and raised in Sydney, he also spent two years in China where he first saw the power of private enterprise to transform the lives of everyday people. Upon his return, he and his siblings founded the podcast & YouTube channel ‘Carnage House Productions’, where he has been able to have thoughtful and fun conversations with Australian political icons, as well as recording himself being escorted out of the Sydney Socialism Conference. His amateur media career opened the door to his producing job at Penthouse Magazine Australia, one of the only media mastheads in Australia that retains its commitment to creative freedom. Dougal graduated from the University of Sydney in 2021 with a Batchelor’s Degree of Commerce and is currently working in a financial services startup. 

Dougal is running with the LDP to give Bennelong residents the option to vote against big government and for personal freedom instead. He doesn’t pretend to know what's best for you so he is committed to giving you the power to control your own health, money and lifestyle choices. He strongly believes in returning to the ‘old normal,’ lower taxes, reducing regulation, freedom of speech and cheap and abundant energy. 
Simon Chaseling
Candidate for Cowper

Simon Chaseling and his wife Amanda have 4 young children and live on a rural property in the Coffs Harbour region. They have together for the past several years has owned and operated a local building business, are engaged members of a local Christian church, and are active in community events and programs. For the past several months Simon has organized and hosted a group assisting locals who have lost their jobs through mandates and business closures to find alternate employment. He has never previously been engaged in politics, but has been deeply troubled by the gross government overreach and destruction of careers and livelihoods, and the push to dismantle the core principles of our society such as informed consent, medical privacy, and the right to work and provide for our families. He believes that medical choices should be a private matter between doctors and patients, free from coercion and bullying.

Of particular concern has been the forcing without consent by government of the new and untried genetic drugs on local teachers, nurses and others, and the terrible treatment and parading of those who wish to decline. Simon was deeply troubled at the complete disinterest by the standing local members to represent or defend those being treated in this way. As parents Simon and Amanda have also been very concerned about the seeming destruction of the local school system through the far left wing indoctrination of children, and the teacher shortages caused by the arbitrary sacking of thousands of hard working and dedicated teachers, stripped of their right to informed consent and medical privacy.

Simon is standing with the Liberal Democrats because he believes they are the best placed party to steer Australian politics back to the values of freedom, genuine community representation, and a fair go for hard working families.

Adam Kachwalla
Candidate for Greenway

Adam is a staunch proponent of freedom and choice, and believes people should be allowed to do as they wish as long as they are not harming others. He has supported the Liberal Democrats since discovering David Leyonhjelm on the news in 2013. Adam decided to run as LDP candidate for Greenway after witnessing harmful laws passed by incompetent and malicious politicians which increasingly stripped away our freedoms over the last 2 years of kneejerk responses to COVID-19.

Having lived through times of civil unrest, such as the 1993 riots and bombings and 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Adam knows how important it is for people to be able to defend themselves, their property, and others, unencumbered by moral enforcement from bureaucrats who live in well secured communities. Adam has worked extensively in the security industry, servicing many high-profile government, commercial, and financial clients. 

Adam is also a volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service, and received the NSW Premier's Bushfire Emergency Citation for the 2019-2020 bushfires. He is also due to receive the National Emergency Medal, however was banned from the presentation due to the mandatory vaccination policy of the RFS.

Adam wants to see an Australia that puts Australians first, ending our constant interventions in foreign conflicts and getting back to basics: national concerns and local communities. He chose the LDP because he recognises it as the only party which truly cares about individual freedoms, strong communities and sensible government.

Ian Christopher Roworth
Candidate for Farrer

Ian is a 53 year old grazier from Tooraweenah, an hour north of Dubbo in the foothills of the Warrumbungle mountains where he breeds merino sheep and beef cattle. Together with his wife Dee they have two teenage boys; one at school and the other involved in the farm business. He previously ran a contract shearing and agriculture business.

Ian has also been involved in pest animal control through the Rural Lands Protection Board, giving him a bit of experience with the complexities of government bureaucracy and regulation. He is also enthusiastically involved with the community through junior sport systems.

Before 2020, Ian felt disillusioned with the state of political representation but since then has felt a call to get involved and make a difference, bringing a country voice to city politics. He chose the LDP as a party genuinely committed to changing the way things get done.

Gareth McClure
Candidate for Lindsay

"I have lived in the Penrith and lower Blue Mountains area most of his life and knows that the local culture reflects the hard-working, quiet-achieving “doers” of Australia.

I attended Blaxland High school where I was vice captain. After leaving school I spent six years as a real estate agent for the Penrith/Blue Mountains area.

Most of my working life has been in warehousing and the logistics industry, where I am currently employed while studying a bachelor degree in film.

The recent Covid-mania years have seen both the Labor and Liberal party divide us and unashamedly become more our masters than our servants.

As a proud Australian I believe true leadership is about lifting Aussies up and uniting us in these increasingly adverse times."

Pavlo Samios
Candidate for New England

Pavlo Samios has spent his working life as a supply chain expert specialising in software innovation – for the past 10 years in the capacity as owner of his own consultancy.  His connection to New England goes back two generations. His grand parents immigrated from Greece and became well known for their cafes in Inverell (the famous Regent Café and the Monterey Café). His parents were married in Inverell and Pavlo spent much of his school holidays behind shop counters appreciating the hard work and dedication that goes into running a business.

Pavlo recently returned to Inverell to live. He is passionate about small business, rural life and personal freedom. He believes that rural residents, both on the land and in the towns deserve better than the debt-driven power-mad government in Canberra today.

Pavlo decided to run as a candidate with the Liberal Democrats because he saw them as the only party with the guts to change how things are done in politics.