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Dean McCrae, Eden Monaro Liberal Democrats Candidate

A Passionate Freedom Fighter With A Vision


More About Dean McCrae

39-year-old chef and entrepreneur Dean McCrae has been a professional chef for over 20 years, having won numerous awards and accolades both in Australia and abroad, and run small businesses with varying degrees of success and failure. Born in the Riverina, he attained a sporting scholarship in track and road cycling and moved to Canberra, where he became an apprentice at the Canberra Casino. From there he moved to the UK, working in iconic London restaurant Wilton’s of Picadilly under renowned MCA Jerome Ponchelle.

Some notable Wilton's regulars included, Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Brown, among others, with the restaurant, also has been a favourite haunt of Winston Churchill. On returning to Australia, he worked on various enterprises from the South Coast and Southern Highlands to the ACT and the Riverina, and while in quarantine is currently renovating the family home. Mr McCrae is an active member of the Liberal Democrat political party, the H.R Nicholls Society, and the Samuel Griffith Society member. Currently, he’s producer and co-host of soon-to-be-launching Resolute TV, a YouTube-based variety program.

A passionate freedom fighter, Mr McCrae has run in both the NSW and Federal elections in 2019. Dean McCrae is contesting the seat of Eden Monaro as a Liberal Democrats candidate in the upcoming 2020 by-election.

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Dean’s vision for Eden Monaro

Dean believes that government is not the answer to your problems, that government is the problem. High taxation, regulation and red tape have been a corner stone of many problems facing Eden Monaro.


What Dean McCrae Will Do For Eden Monaro





We are all in this together

Australians are facing uncertainty. People are losing their jobs, taking a pay cut or not sure if their workplace will be open in the future. Our political class still live off the hard-earned cash they tax from us. If elected Dean will move to have politician and senior bureaucrat pay reduced by 20% to relieve some of the burden on the struggling Australian




The road to recovery

From fire, to flood now to the effects of COVID-19, the people of Eden Monaro have faced terrible adversity. If elected, Dean will work to have Eden Monaro declared a special economic zone which will see the freezing of federal taxes such as income tax, fuel excise, alcohol excise, tobacco excise and company tax to ensure citizens are not overburdened. 




Standing up for regional NSW

The Liberal/National Coalition claims to care about regional Australia, but in reality, they only care about who is in the top job. The Murray Darling Basin Plan sends water to South Australia instead of being allocated for farmers in NSW. If elected, Dean will fight to disband the failed Murray Darling Basin Plan to put our farmers first.




Reducing the burden

If elected, Dean will work tirelessly to abolish inefficient and burdensome taxation for all Australians. Petrol tax, the cigarette tax, the beer tax and GST on electricity bills should all be abolished to make life easier for already struggling Australians. Dean will also work to reduce income tax to a flat 20% so struggling Australians have more money in their pocket.




Taxpayer money for Australian taxpayers

The COVID-19 crisis represents a failure of international institutions. The World Health Organisation (WHO) which Australian taxpayers fund through generous grants, failed to release the seriousness of the biological threat growing in China. The Chinese Communist Party was able to use its considerable influence to ensure that information did not get out. Generous Australians taxpayers should not have to contribute to a negligent and corrupt institution.







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