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New South Wales - State Campaign Donation

Your donation will facilitate democracy and contribute towards election of Liberal Democrats to enable improved economic, social freedoms and quality of life for individuals, families and communities in New South Wales.

The success of the Liberal Democratic Party depends on the generosity of all the many Australians who choose to financially support us. As an influential but minor Party, Liberal Democrats do not have access to the massive resources of the major parties.

Thank you for contributing to our State election campaign in New South Wales!

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Political Donation Requirement: Please note individual donors need to be on the electoral roll to make a political donation, including purchasing tickets to fundraising events. Non-individual donors require either an Australian Company Number (ACN) or an Australian Business Number (ABN) to make a political donation.

Limitation on Donations to Political Parties The donation cap is $6,700 for aggregated political donations to or for the benefit of a registered political party during the 2021/22 financial year. A political donation made any time after 30 June 2021 is taken into account as a donation made during the 2021/22 financial year.

Prohibited Donors – State Campaign: Prohibited Donors include property developers, tobacco industry business entities and for-profit liquor or gambling industry business entities. Further, Close Associates of these individuals or corporations are also Prohibited Donors. Company Directors and Officers and their spouses, persons whose voting power exceeds 20% (or their spouses), and any related body corporate are considered to be Close Associates.
A property developer is an individual or corporation carrying on a business mainly concerned with the residential or commercial development of land, with the purpose of sale or lease for profit, and in the course of carrying on that business: Has 1 relevant planning application pending determination; or Has had 3 or more relevant planning applications determined within the past 7 years. Close Associates of property developers also includes any person(s) in joint venture or partnership with a property developer in relation to a relevant planning application from which, if approved, they would be likely to obtain a financial benefit.
You should be aware that if you make a State donation, and become a property developer within 12 months, you may be liable to repay double that amount to the State.

Disclosure Warning: Where aggregated contributions exceed $1,000 in any one financial year, these must be disclosed by the donor to the NSW Electoral Commission, as required by the Electoral Funding Act 2018. Penalties apply for failure to lodge a declaration where required. ‘Political Donations’ include direct monetary contributions, event attendance fees and annual or other Party subscriptions.