Employees should have equal opportunity for roles, regardless of their gender.

However, the Victorian Gender Equality Act plans to set up a new way to socially engineer employment based on gender quotas for public sector workers.

This new “equality of outcome” actively undermines equal opportunity and seeks to use the gender of current or potential employees as a method of discrimination.

The Liberal Democrats are encouraging employees and job applicants to not disclose their gender unless required by law. If your gender is not relevant to your job, then it is not the business of your employer to collect this deeply personal information which will then be used to discriminate against you.

It's time to take a stand against the social engineers and stand up for equal opportunity. Join our Do Not Disclose campaign!

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Serena Manners-Coyle
Anthony Petniunas
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Hope Newman
Linda Hadley
Ellery Raaschou
Scott Donald
Cam Liston
Ben Phillips
Nick Van Bussel
Nick Maas

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