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The Australian and NSW Governments are some of the worst in the world when it comes to legitimate harm reduction. We are the only OECD nation (besides Turkey) that still has a ban on vaping nicotine, despite the numerous medical studies that advocate for its adoption. Vaping is a proven, safe alternative to smoking that has been heavily and needlessly restricted by both Federal and State Governments. This is one of the greatest shames of the Australian political system currently in play.

  • Remove all state restrictions on the importation, sale, advertisement, purchase, possession, prescription or use of nicotine fluid (“nicotine e-liquid”)
  • Actively campaign against further federal restrictions on the above
  • Resist calls to have e-liquid classified purely as a prescription medicine
  • While the Smoke-Free Environment Act (2020) still exists, entirely exclude nicotine e-liquid from it, given the second-hand effects are minimal
  • Resist calls to tax nicotine e-liquid in any special way beyond the GST
  • Strongly resist transitioning the federal tobacco excise into a broad nicotine excise