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State Recovery

On principle, the NSW Liberal Democrats will always stand against any regulation which does not directly mitigate the initiation of physical force, theft or fraud. In particular, we oppose any regulation that violates the principles of self-ownership, private property, free association or voluntary exchange. We believe the regulations relaxed during the COVID-19 restrictions were never needed, and should absolutely not be re-introduced while the economy is still recovering, or ideally ever.

  • Abolish delivery curfews
  • Abolish trading hour restrictions
  • Abolish licensing fees
  • Abolish lockout laws
  • Cut red and green tape for small businesses
  • Reduce zoning laws
  • Streamline the public sector
  • Simplify industrial relations legislation
  • Limit the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 to the public sector
  • Institute a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Industrial Relations (General) Regulation 2015 and Fair Work Regulations 2015 with the intent of removing regulations contrary to free association and voluntary exchange