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Police Accountability

We believe in Peel’s Principles of Policing, without exception. Criminalising ordinary activities creates criminals out of ordinary people, and as such the best way to reduce police brutality and corruption is to greatly scale down the amount of harmless activities that are criminalised. Victimless crimes create perverse police incentives to seek out crimes without complaints from victims, and can create a policing culture that is antagonistic to its citizens.

We have seen this principle flagrantly violated by NSW Police and the NSW Police Minister, and intend to hold them to account.

  • Evaluate, with the intent of repealing, all victimless crimes, in attempt to foster a better relationship between the police and NSW citizens
  • Institute restitution for victims rather than taxpayer-funded incarceration and state retribution, where appropriate
  • End the practice of strip searching minors
  • End discretionary warrantless search powers
  • Oppose the Firearms Amendment that gives police almost unlimited search powers
  • Table, or push for, a motion of No Confidence in Police Minister David Elliott (if applicable)