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Legalise Nuclear Energy

Despite having the fastest growing electricity prices in the world and being estimated to contain half the world’s uranium, Australia has been effectively prohibited from the use of nuclear energy. Our plan for New South Wales is to pressure the Federal Government to overturn this effective prohibition, or at worst advocate for the NSW Government to ignore it. This is a clean, reliable and potentially cheap energy source that we should be employing locally, rather than merely exporting the raw materials for.

  • Pressure the Federal Government to remove the effective federal ban on nuclear energy
  • “Legalise” does not mean “subsidise” or “mandate”; we are merely advocating for removal of the prohibition enforced on this service
  • Remove any zoning restrictions that apply specifically to nuclear power
  • Remove all NSW Government subsidies, regulations and restrictions from competing energy sources to create a free market in energy
  • Oppose Matt Kean’s hydrogen corporate welfare proposal (if applicable)