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End the War on Drugs

Legalise Cannabis

Cannabis prohibition is New South Wales is both illiberal and ineffective. Classical liberal principles lend to the idea that free adults own their own bodies and should have ultimate control over what they choose to ingest, and this is undeniably true in cases such as this one where the prohibited drug is less dangerous than many legal alternatives.  Crucially, this also extends to the production and sale of the drug.

The ineffectiveness of the current laws has never been more apparent, with cannabis use widespread and the biggest dangers associated with it being legal rather than medical.

  • Legalise the possession, use, sale, production, transport and prescription of cannabis for and between all adults in New South Wales
  • Review and amend state anti-discrimination laws to ensure individuals and private firms can still disassociate from cannabis users if they wish
  • Submit legislation making anyone convicted and incarcerated purely for crimes specifically related to cannabis prohibition eligible for immediate early release
  • Make it an offence to sell cannabis to a minor

Legalise Pill Testing

We believe in a harm minimisation approach to drugs. Government should not be involved in the lifestyle choices of adults and should not impede methods which lead to safer outcomes, such as pill testing. The vast majority of MDMA-related deaths in New South Wales are caused by pills cut with harmful material, making this policy directly life-saving if implemented. Additionally, this would also greatly reduce the “need” for police to continue strip searching minors at festivals.

  • Legalise both second- and third-party pill testing stations at all events across the state
  • “Legalise” does not mean “subsidise” or “mandate”; we are merely advocating for removal of the prohibition enforced on this service


Smoking is detrimental to one’s health, but free people should be legally allowed to make such decisions themselves, as long as they don’t violate the rights of others. This includes clubs, pubs and restaurants. The Smoke-Free Environment Act (2020) is a fundamental affront to private property rights, free association and voluntary exchange, and should be scrapped immediately. Non-smokers should not have any problem finding non-smoking rooms, floors or entire structures, but property owners should be able to set their own terms of entry.

  • Abolish the Smoke-Free Environment Act (2020)
  • Until it is abolished, exclude vaping from it (see vaping policy)