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Second Federation

Federalism works best when it is competitive -- that is, different states trialling different ideas that can succeed or fail on their own merits, with people voting with their feet or their wallets. Our states have become too similar, with our capital cities far more like each other than the regions they make decisions on behalf of. We support the creation of a number of new states, decoupling metro and regional areas from each other and empowering local decision making.

This is not only pragmatic but also adheres to basic liberal principles, bringing the state closer to the individual and giving private property owners more say over the government that rules them.

  • Support existing new state movements where they exist across New South Wales, and encourage them to work together
  • Foster the creation of additional new state movements where a distinguishable community exists and where a new state would be feasible and beneficial
  • Legislate for local referenda once new state movements are organised
  • Campaign in favour of all new states in all local referenda

Citizen-Initiated Referenda

We believe the people of New South Wales should be able to strike down unpopular legislation in its tracks via citizen-initiated referenda. This could prevent some of the more insidious and corrupt actions of the political class by putting them to a popular vote.

  • Legislate that any petition presented to the New South Wales government in opposition to any law (including regulations) with support of 1% of the eligible voting public must be put to a vote of the people
  • Ensure the people’s vote in such referenda is binding
  • Ensure these people’s votes are voluntary and that there should be no fines or penalties for not participating
  • Create a web portal to facilitate the creation of such petitions