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Cut fuel tax permanently to ease petrol pain

Australians need urgent relief at the petrol pump and there is only one party calling for the immediate and permanent cut to the fuel excise tax.

The Liberal Democrats pledge to cut the 44.2 cent per litre fuel tax will see us return to the glory days of lower fuel prices, according to National President and party founder, Dr John Humphreys.

“The fuel excise tax coupled with GST added to the total is an outrageous 'double-tax' on Australians,” he said.

“During the height of the pandemic when fuel dropped below 90c per litre in many places, the double taxation of excise and GST saw government taxes make up over 50 per cent of the cost.

“Now fuel prices have skyrocketed and cost of living is spiralling out of control, we finally hear other parties joining our long-term criticism of the fuel excise tax.

“One Nation and the South Australian Liberal Party are only asking for partial and temporary cuts,” he pointed out.

The Liberal Democrats have labelled the fuel excise as particularly regressive because it punishes people living in regional areas and outer suburbs who commute long distances every day. It’s also a disincentive for families to travel to the regions on the weekends as it’s simply too costly to fill up.

“Voters need a low-tax Senate crossbench to stop the money-hungry Lib-Lab-Greens alliance from sucking consumers dry at the petrol pump,” Dr Humphreys declared.

“The complete and permanent elimination of fuel excise is just one way that a party that is truly committed to Less Government and More Freedom can work to reduce the cost of living for ordinary families.”

The party is contesting the 2022 federal election with a full suite of policies outlined in the Freedom Manifesto.


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