COVID-19 Response & Recovery

Federal and state governments must take immediate action to reduce the government stranglehold on business and personal life that threatens to impede our Covid-19 pandemic recovery in the months and years ahead.

What is needed is a timely commitment to a full return of civil liberties, and an immediate liberalisation of our economy at all levels of government if Australia is to have any hope of recovery from the debt and devastation that the government response to COVID-19 has wrought.

Economic recovery will depend on the ability of Australian businesses to innovate and thrive, and for private citizens to be able to keep as much of their own money in their pockets as possible.

To this end, bold economic reform is required including deregulation, the cutting of red tape, and business and income tax relief.

The Liberal Democrats have made a submission to the Federal Government's Senate Select Committee on Covid-19 which can be viewed here.

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