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Strategy Committee

This includes the President of each party division, plus key advisors, and is tasked with considering the big issues about party direction, branding & principles.

National President: John Humphreys [email protected]
National VP: Bede Mudge [email protected]
VIC: Ash Blackwell [email protected]
NSW: Ross Cameron [email protected]
QLD: Gabe Buckley [email protected]
WA: Matt Thompson [email protected]
SA: TBC (please contact the state president)

Governance Committee

Dealing with issues of law, governance, finances, the party constitution, and compliance.

Director: Liza Tazewell [email protected]
RO: Rob McCathie [email protected]
Agent: Duncan Spender [email protected]
VIC: Angus Ward [email protected]
NSW: Cameron Shamsabad [email protected]
QLD: Tim Lester [email protected]
WA: Pamela Burns [email protected]
SA: TBC (please contact the state president)

Fundraising Committee

Fostering relationships and running events that raise money for the party.

Director: Jonathan Hoyle [email protected]
VIC: TBC (please contact the state president)
NSW: Ross Cameron [email protected]
QLD: TBC (please contact the state president)
WA: Jacqueline Holroyd [email protected]
SA:TBC (please contact the state president)

Policy Committee

Develop and update party policies and foster informed policy discussion throughout the party.

Director: Bede Mudge [email protected]
Deputy: John Ruddick [email protected]
VIC: TBC (please contact the state president)
NSW: Rob Cribb [email protected]
QLD: TBC (please contact the state president)
SA: James Hol [email protected]
WA: Kate Fantinel [email protected]
Advisors: Mark Hornshaw [email protected]

Operations Committee

Coordinate party membership, internal communications, manage and train volunteers, and branch development.

Director: Maya Tesa [email protected]
Membership officer: Chloe Glasson [email protected]
VIC: TBC (please contact the state president)
NSW: Charles Rios
QLD: TBC (please contact the state president)
SA: Joel Hocknell [email protected]
WA: Jake McCoull [email protected]

Campaigns Committee

Coordinate party marketing and media engagement, run national campaigns, and assist with state and local campaigns.

Director: Rick Westgarth [email protected]
Deputy: Tim Lester [email protected]
VIC: Rick Westgarth [email protected]
NSW: Rob Cribb [email protected]
QLD: Anthony Bull [email protected]
SA: TBC (please contact the state president)
WA: Greg Leech [email protected]