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Clayfield State Election 2020 - Vote Independent

An Independent For Freedom in Clayfield


Who Is Rob King?

Rob King is a fiercely passionate Australian, previously serving his country in the Australian Army deploying on multiple overseas operations and conflicts, now a small business owner he has turned his eyes on protecting Australia and it’s liberty on Australian soil. Rob believes Democracy and Freedom must be constantly fought for and respected by every generation that succeeds the last.
Rob is passionate about Freedom of Speech, Small Business Prosperity, Legalisation of Cannabis and decriminalisation of other drugs, Police reform to move away from revenue raising and focus more on victim-based crimes such as protecting children and domestic violence.

Rob believes in autonomy for the individual, the right to live your life however you wish, so long as you respect the same right for others is paramount to a free and prosperous society.
Rob is young in politics but makes up for that in the vast experience he has had that has given him a broad appreciation for life in Australia. Seeing the destruction of liberty in countries like Afghanistan and East Timor and then, in contrast, being a part of the Grantham flood search and rescue operation in 2011, witnessing the amazing things Australians will do to help each other means he is quite the optimist for our future.

From starting his lawn mowing business as a teenager to working in hospitality and retail, before going the Army and serving for 6 years based in beautiful Brisbane, to then following his passion in the private sector starting small businesses as a personal trainer and online health device sales. He has now started the next chapter in becoming a candidate for the Clayfield Electorate in the QLD state election as an independent and campaign for a freer Queensland.

Rob wants Government to be held more accountable, less red tape and bureaucracy, lower taxes, legalise Cannabis and fight for the autonomy of the individual to forge their own life path with minimal interference from the Government.
Rob's vision for Queensland

Rob believes that a good government is one that is responsible to its citizens. Rob's vision for Queensland is one where there are greater checks and balances on government power, reforms to policing & drug law and policies that seek to lower the cost of living of all Queenslanders.

What Rob King Will Do For You





Fight To Lower Cost of Living

Australians are facing uncertainty and the cost of living is rising. Rob King will push for reductions to the cost of living including cheaper electricity and abolishing stamp duty



Bring more accountability and checks to state parliament

The current unicameral legislative system in Queensland lacks any serious checks and balances. Governments should not be able to pass sweeping legislation that negatively affects your freedom so easily. This is why Rob King is fighting hard to bring back the upper house in Queensland, to restore this effective check on the legislative government. 




Fight to Legalise Cannabis

Countries around the world are reforming their stance of cannabis for medical and personal use. It's Queensland's time. Let's make cannabis legal for sale and consumption to adults over the age of 18+. Rob King will push for drug law reform, as well as legalising pill testing, a policy that could save hundreds of young Queenslanders lives each year. 




Reform The Police Force

The QLD police force should be targeting criminals who commit serious crimes, making our community safer and putting wrongdoers behind bars. However, the QLD government is using them more and more as revenue raisers, who target non-violent offenders on drug charges. These drug charge disproportionally affect indigenous communities. The best solution to resolve this broken police system is to reform the police to be focusing on crimes that really matter. 




Taxpayer money for Australian taxpayers

The COVID-19 crisis represents a failure of international institutions. The World Health Organisation (WHO) which Australian taxpayers fund through generous grants, failed to release the seriousness of the biological threat growing in China. The Chinese Communist Party was able to use its considerable influence to ensure that information did not get out. Generous Australians taxpayers should not have to contribute to a negligent and corrupt institution.







Vote 1 Rob King, Your Independent For Freedom

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