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Drug use

The ACT Liberal Democratic Party believes adults should be free from government interference when making choices where they do not inflict harm on other, non-consenting individuals.

The ACT Liberal Democrats neither supports nor opposes drug use. It considers it to be a matter of choice for responsible adults.

The ACT Liberal Democrats also recognises the right of individuals to choose to not engage with drugs or their users. Restaurants, clubs, hotels and other private establishments where people gather should be free to impose conditions of entry including prohibitions on the use, or being under the influence, of drugs. Similarly, employers should be free to require their employees to refrain from drug use and to implement testing policies as required.

The ACT Liberal Democrats does not believe that personal drug use is a law enforcement issue, nor can it be resolved by “arresting your way out of the problem”. Drug use is a social issue, a health issue, and an education issue.

While there are health costs involved in any recreational drug taking activity, marijuana use is already widespread in the ACT and Australia and death, disorders and impairment directly attributable to its use occur at significantly lower rates than for legally available alcohol and tobacco. The ACT Liberal Democrats acknowledges that some in the community may struggle with addiction. Our proposal to legalise cannabis includes provision to redirect funding from savings arising from reducing law enforcement costs towards the provision of treatment of the addiction within the health system.

The ACT Liberal Democrats supports:

  1. Legalising the recreational use of cannabis by adults.
  2. Legalising the cultivation, processing, possession, transport and sale of cannabis and its derivative products
  3. Allowing the recommendation of cannabis or its derivatives for medical use by authorised medical practitioners.
  4. Implementing penalties for the sale or supply of cannabis or its derivatives to minors.
  5. Implementing penalties for driving while demonstrably impaired by the effect of drug use. Where a technology cannot ensure that a driver has been impaired, it should not be used.
  6. Pill testing and the decriminalisation of possession of small amounts of other recreational drugs for personal use.
  7. A reduction to the burden on the ratepayer for a law enforcement based approach to drug issues in the community.


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