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Yan Loh
Candidate for Fremantle

When he was 13, Yan migrated from Malaysia to the city of Perth in WA with his family. His parents were seeking a better future for Yan and his sister, and they chose Australia, as Australia is known for its democracy, freedom, and equal opportunity.

Yan studied at Rossmoyne SHS, and completed a Bachelor of Engineering at UWA in 2008. Since then, he has worked all over WA, first working on mine sites up in the Pilbara, and most recently at a chemicals manufacturing facility in Kwinana.

This all changed recently when Yan resigned from his job, due to the mandates imposed by the state government in WA. Never in his life would he have imagined that basic individual liberties such as personal health choices would be violated in a country like Australia - it almost feels like the original reason for migrating to Australia was no longer valid!

Yan realised that unless something is done, government overreach and reduction in individual freedoms will continue, so he’s running as a candidate for the LibDems; to advocate for smaller government and more personal freedom - to return Australia to the country that he and his family migrated to and grew up in.