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Victor Tey
Candidate for Werriwa

I’m a husband and father of six, and the pastor of a local church that has been serving in the Western Sydney area for 7 years. I also worked for a large company in sales support and continuous improvement for 10 years.

I'm concerned about the loss of freedoms in our country and there is a need for principled people in politics who respect those freedoms. If we don’t put a stop to what is happening, our children will not grow up with the same freedoms that we did. This is why I decided to run as the candidate for Werriwa in the coming federal election. I have been an outspoken critic of the government's over-reaction to COVID from the very beginning and was arrested several times for protesting the lockdowns and mandates. With the help of Rebel News, I have taken the NSW Government to the Supreme Court to fight for our freedom of speech. The hearing is likely to be held in June 2022.