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Anthony Cursio
Western Metro Region

Anthony is a born and bred Victorian, having lived 30+ years in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. A commercial banker who specialises in manufacturing and wholesale clients but rose through the ranks starting his finance career in the Contact Centre. Anthony is used to starting at the bottom and working his way to the top. His very first job was at the age of 14 working as a cleaner to provide himself with things that his single mother could not.

Anthony has more than a decade of experience in retail and also grew up working in a family business that started from the kitchen table.

He is a passionate advocate for small business and believes in encouraging more Australians to become entrepreneurs. Believing that small businesses drive the economy and as such, is a strong believer in lower taxes, small government, less regulation/bureaucracy, greater accountability, more personal freedoms, liberties and above all else free speech.

Watch Anthony's interview on Discernable podcast here: Anthony Cursio: Australians are realising the importance of freedom - Discernable®

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