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Trevor Smith
Candidate for Casey

Trevor Smith’s long term interest in free market economics and non-government intrusion in people’s private lives was cemented when he experienced the massive government overreach of the last two years and the resultant negative impact it had on so many vulnerable members of society. He realised that the continuing growth of big government in Australia by both major parties, through a constant increase in already bloated bureaucracies and an ever increasing intrusion into the liberties of individual Australians has taken Australia down the wrong path.

Originally from Queensland, Trevor and his family moved to Victoria about 15 years ago to be closer to his wife’s family. Trevor’s experience in the construction and resources industries as a geologist has exposed him to a wide cross section of the community and this experience has given him an ability to relate to people from all walks of life. From his and family members’ personal experience he has seen the hard work required to succeed in small business in Australia and the difficulties that “one size fits all” solutions implemented by big government create. He is a firm believer that a libertarian approach from government will make life easier for people on both a personal level and will also re-generate growth in small business, allowing to take Australia forward.