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Topher Field
#1 Senate Candidate - Tasmania

Topher Field has been a political commentator for 12 years and a leading advocate for less government and more freedom, speaking out on issues as diverse as freedom of speech, water management, red tape, taxation, climate change, and much more.

After 12 years of commentating, Topher Field has now been endorsed as the Lead Senate Candidate in Tasmania for the Liberal Democratic Party (NOT the Liberals!) and Topher hopes to be able to advocate on behalf of Tasmanians and Australians for less government and more freedom.

Topher Field is an Australian Documentary Film Maker, Libertarian Political Commentator, and Human Rights activist.

Topher has been actively commentating on Australian and International politics for more than a decade, has been awarded the ‘Libertarian Activist of the Year’ award from the Australian Libertarian Society, and has travelled the world interviewing esteemed scientists, well known politicians, and powerful cultural influencers.

Topher is pro human and celebrates human achievements including technology and free trade which drives the human flourishing seen around the world today.

Topher is pro individualism, because the smallest minority of all is the individual and if individuals don’t have rights, no one has rights.