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Thomas McMahon
Candidate for Sturt

Thomas grew up in Adelaide and developed a love of learning. After completing schooling at Prescott College, he gained experience in several areas, including healthcare, retail, customer service, and construction. His broad work experience opened his eyes to the challenges Australian workers face. Thomas has also been a serial entrepreneur – including a magician and event manager – with his latest venture in farming mushrooms for restaurants.

He strongly believes that the infinite potential of humanity can be advanced by increasing freedom and focusing on the things that bring people together. His top issues are restoring freedom of speech, developing cheap and reliable energy (including nuclear), implementing a flat tax, reducing government spending, and decentralising education to fund students and promote choice.

Thomas’s experience in business and farming showed him how government regulations hinder progress and prosperity. He supports cutting onerous farming and food regulations to enable the production of a wider variety of crops to produce more healthy and low-cost food and increase employment. He also wants to boost business development by abolishing the payroll tax, and lowering the cost and complexity of business registration and licensing.