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Tim Laird
Candidate for Nicholls

Tim Laird was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Growing up, Tim worked in the family business and experienced the benefits and challenges involved in small business ownership. For over a decade, Tim has been a devoted volunteer in a variety of community youth programs for sport, church, personal development, and at-risk youth. Recently, Tim has shared the pain of seeing the Great Australian Dream of home ownership pushed out of the reach of more and more everyday Aussies by increased living costs, high taxation, and soaring house prices. 

After working in the software and broadcasting industries, Tim has observed how technology and media can be used to limit free speech and to bury information. Our current government has relied heavily on these tactics to further their own agenda and, in doing so, shown contempt for the rights and liberties of the people. Tim believes that individuals make better decisions for themselves than the government and that they should be free to make those decisions without government interference.

Tim believes that communities are best served by small business and small government. Tim is standing for office to bring honesty, integrity and the voice of the people back to parliament.