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Thomas Searles
Candidate for Page

Being born and bred in Northern NSW, Tom has always been passionate about our community. As the Director and President of several food security, farm support and not for profit community groups he has always endeavoured to build the community we all deserve.

Before the pandemic hit our shores, Tom wrote several articles and papers to local councils and State and Federal politicians, including our incumbent MP, on the likely long-term impacts of COVID19, the threats to our freedoms, to our food security, and to our small businesses – all of which fell on deaf ears.

Tom has been motivated to enter the political sphere after watching the dangerous mismanagement of the Northern Rivers over the past three years – including the bushfires, the pandemic response, and the recent floods.

Tom believes in personal freedoms, including the right to bodily autonomy, and was alarmed at the way our government quickly imposed vaccine mandates and lockdowns upon residents.

Tom is a Registered Surveyor and spatial scientist who has worked in disaster resilience for years, including being an expert witness for the Supreme Court.

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