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Steve Murphy
Candidate for Capricornia

Steve Murphy is a fourth generation Australian and a proud Queenslander. Born in Brisbane, he grew up in the northern suburbs before spending his formative years on a farm in the Lockyer Valley.

Steve left Australia in his twenties and travelled the world. He has lived and worked in many countries, from Egypt, India and Japan to England, China and Israel. From these experiences he developed an appreciation of the rich diversity of religious and political philosophies. He believes that the best education is to travel and that the best way to understand different opinions is through discourse.

Moving to Tasmania to study in 2007, he returned to Queensland in 2019. Since then, he has taught English and Social Science on the picturesque Capricorn Coast, doing his best to build tenacity and self-reliance in his students.

In his spare time, he enjoys studying history and watching old films.