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Dr Richard Peppard
Candidate for Melbourne

Dr Richard Peppard is the LDP candidate for the Division of Melbourne in the next federal election. From his family and his education, he has been imbued with the belief that all people “are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (Article 1, UDHR). He was taught that everyone is beloved by God and that all should be equal before the law. He embraces the libertarian stance of personal freedom.

Richard is a senior neurologist at a major public hospital in Fitzroy. He works in private practise in East Melbourne and in regional Victoria. He has lived and worked in inner Melbourne for most of his life. He understands the impacts of pandemic restrictions on the lives of ordinary people and on small-businesses.

He has a special interest in climate science with its complexities and unsettled predictions. He seeks conservation of our natural environment and what is worthy in our culture.