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Peter Runge - Candidate for Fowler

A long term resident of the district, Peter grew up frugally, and learnt perseverance by completing his Bachelor of Science in 1988. Although growing up in a Labour-dominated community, Peter formed a view early in life that principles founded on the individual's freedom were the best way for governing Australia. Sadly, he has observed governments encroaching on people's personal space more and more.

As a conservative free-market type person, he could see how economic values rewarded effort best for the individual and society. Moving from conservative to a more libertarian view of life, Peter started seeing that government is just as useless at trying to control people's social behaviour and habits, and that regulation often does more harm than good.

Peter first connected with the Liberal Democrats by attending Sydney branch meetings in 2016, and stood as a LibDem Upper House Candidate in the 2019 NSW Election.

"I found the Liberal Democrats as I became convinced that I needed to participate in politics more actively. Over time I have become fascinated with the people in the Liberal Democrats and their discussions on public policy. Getting involved with a few election campaigns, I feel part of a movement that stands for sound principles and has a great future."

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