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Peter Rothwell
Candidate for Parkes

Peter Rothwell is a multi-generational farmer from the Dubbo region. He is an agricultural innovator, working with specialist suppliers in the advancement and improvement of production. For his consistently successful outcomes, he is frequently called upon for media interviews, articles, and podcasts.

A senior officer with VRA Rescue NSW, his love for his community sees him often called upon to serve the region as a primary responder and rescue operator.

With his deep convictions for the freedom, rights, and liberties of each individual, Peter has chosen to do more than just discuss solutions. Having been a long-time supporter of the LibDems, he has stepped up as the candidate for Parkes, as he has been moved so much by the government restrictions and mandates during the Covid pandemic. He sees that the major parties have no values left, and that the Lib Dems are the only party of principle that will stand up for the regions.

Peter is well known in his community for empowering and encouraging people to be strong and courageous in their everyday lives. He brings his fresh ideas and perspective to the current political climate, and his commitment to the cause will result in change – it’s simply a matter of time.