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Pavlo Samios
Candidate for New England

Pavlo Samios has spent his working life as a supply chain expert specialising in software innovation – for the past 10 years in the capacity as owner of his own consultancy.  His connection to New England goes back two generations. His grand parents immigrated from Greece and became well known for their cafes in Inverell (the famous Regent Café and the Monterey Café). His parents were married in Inverell and Pavlo spent much of his school holidays behind shop counters appreciating the hard work and dedication that goes into running a business.

Pavlo recently returned to Inverell to live. He is passionate about small business, rural life and personal freedom. He believes that rural residents, both on the land and in the towns deserve better than the debt-driven power-mad government in Canberra today.

Pavlo decided to run as a candidate with the Liberal Democrats because he saw them as the only party with the guts to change how things are done in politics.