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Paul Markham
Candidate for Forrest

Perth born Paul Markham has worked for 35 years in the financial industry, in a variety of roles ranging from customer service, dispute negotiation, departmental administration, and most recently in project management and IT services. Paul and his wife Shelly were considering starting a small business in Margaret River in 2021, but these plans – along with the plans of many people - were derailed by the government’s extreme reaction to Covid. How can anyone plan for the future when the government applies arbitrary rules and demands at a whim?

The experience of the past two years of federal and state government over-reach, has spurred Paul to stand up for a return to the sensible, fiscally responsible, limited government that is at the heart of the LibDem’s Manifesto. Paul is a firm believer in honesty in government, support for small business, our personal right to free speech, freedom of association, and bodily autonomy; all key values of the Party.