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Paul Barker
Candidate for Corangamite

Paul's working life straight out of school started with various operational and training roles with the Royal Australian Air Force. He understands the plight of hard-working, blue-collar Australians who have lacked true representation for a long time—he has conversed with many throughout the more than 2 million kilometres he has driven in trucks around Australia as just one part of his experience in the transport and logistics sector. He has always been quite adventurous, starting out his adventure tourism journey as a ropes instructor. Years later a passion for skydiving evolved. This set him on a new path working in the adventure tourism industry as a skydive instructor. Along with his mastery of land and sky, Paul’s interests politically have tended more toward the sea, as his most recent role has been that of an elected Surf Coast Shire Councilor.

Paul is sick of the runaway debt and spending of successive governments that contribute to high taxes and intergenerational debt that our children will be liable to pay for. He will work hard to rein in this irresponsible fiscal management so we can have a more prosperous future.