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Michael Abelman
Candidate for La Trobe

Michael Abelman was raised in Melbourne, and has been a registered pharmacist in Victoria for 40 years. As the son of WW2 refugees, Michael understands why liberty is absolutely fundamental, and knows how devastating the loss of liberty can be.

He has owned pharmacies in Broadmeadows and Footscray, and an import/wholesale business in Collingwood. He has been employed in pharmacy, permaculture, community health, and most recently as a liaison coordinator with doctors and pharmacists for a government not-for-profit drug dependence program.

He has been a long-time supporter of drug treatment reform. More recently he has also fostered a keen interest in government policy, procedure, accountability, and transparency (or lack thereof).

He has been a keen observer of the shady deals, politics and performance of the major parties over the last decade—and especially the last 2 years—which has motivated him to take action and change the way we are being governed. As Michael says, "We are not economic statistics or pawns to be played in a game of power. We are individuals entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—our government should allow us to go after these with compassion and empathy, not unnecessary mandates and personal restrictions."