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Micah Van Krieken
Candidate for Cowan

Micah van Krieken was born in Melbourne, Victoria.  Settling in Western Australia in the late 1980’s. Micah went to High School in the northern suburbs and  sent his children to school in the electorate of Cowan.

Regardless of which government was in office, Micah has witnessed the erosion of people’s rights, the demonizing car and motorcycle enthusiasts, an education system that continues to churn out innumerate and illiterate young adults, coercive “no jab, no pay” laws and when ineffective “sin tax” laws like plain packaging cigarettes did not deter smokers into quitting, they were just taxed into quitting instead.

Experience has shown that approaching government agencies that proport to act “in the best interest” of anything, typically, they would only act in their own self-interest and operate in an accountability vacuum. All too frequently, having seen the damage caused by government overreach and a lack of accountability while seemingly taking voters for granted was too much to go unanswered. Micah has been a member of the Liberal Democrats WA since 2016 and is a foundation member in this state.