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Meg Edwards
Candidate for Monash

A Gippslander of farming stock, Meg has experience in business, farming, family and local government. She is genuine, authentic, seeking to listen, and understand first, and be an effective voice. Above all else she values kindness—“debate the issues, not the person”.

Before starting a family, Meg worked as a Relationship Executive in Agriculture & Business Banking after agri-business export marketing. Now, Meg co-managers their sustainable building and regenerative farming businesses with her partner. Her studies provided theory applied in her professional career, yet growing up milking cows and playing sport is what shaped her work ethic and values.

Meg enjoys song writing and spending time with family on the farm or elsewhere in Victoria’s beautiful, productive, creative and friendly regional areas. With her demonstrated commitment through hundreds of hours volunteering in the community, Meg cares about what kind of Victoria future generations will inherit and is determined to ensure that it will be positive.