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Maxim Payne
Candidate for Corio

Maxim Payne is first and foremost an everyday Aussie—he has spent his adult life working in hospitality, retail, musical education and landscaping. In this time, Max has witnessed first-hand the impact that COVID restrictions, excessive taxation and complicated legislation have had on small business owners. Max has also experienced the personal cost of inflation, compulsory superannuation and rising energy costs as a low/middle-income earner.

Max has lived in Corio for nearly all his life, and has seen the effects of political apathy in a long term Labor stronghold, and he will give the city of Geelong a voice for freedom, liberty and free-markets.

Max lives by strong principles of personal responsibility and will fight the nanny state and economic overreach of governments that have increasingly sought greater and greater control over the finances, speech and education of its people. It is time that the people of Geelong have a member who serves them, rather than continue to be the long suffering servants of government.