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Matthew Bansemer
Candidate for Bendigo

Matthew Bansemer is running for the Liberal Democrats to represent the people in the seat of Bendigo. Matthew is an Engineer with a career spanning 20 years, specialising in research and development of renewable energy technologies, and is passionate about clean energy believing that Australia is in a unique position to market clean energy to the world. He understands the value and limitations of renewables, and advocates for free-market solutions to climate change and affordable energy.

As a father of two primary-aged children, Matthew believes that the objective of education is to build the character and mind of the students and is concerned by the long-term drop in standards and inclusion of moral codes in the curriculum. Matt will advocate for decentralised education which will give parents the fundamental right to choose the content of their children’s education.

Matthew believes in the value of personal responsibility and accountability and is excited at the prospect of holding our career politicians to the same standards. In the time since Covid, our governments have trampled on the principles of a liberal democracy. He believes in the importance of free speech and personal sovereignty and will fight to restore individual freedoms that have been whittled away from us. Matthew will engage with the electorate with an open posture, listening to the concerns of the people.

When not campaigning, Matt enjoys tending to his hobby farm, restoring old cars, and spending time with his family.