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Liam Roche
Candidate for Aston

Liam Roche is seeking to represent the people of the division Aston for the Liberal Democrats. He's a Security Guard of many years working in the Transportation of Valuable goods. Liam first found Australian politics through the exploits of our first Senator David Leyonhjelm and resolved to become a member of the Liberal Democrats.

When he lost his job due to mandates he resolved to further learn about libertarianism and become a candidate to help assist the people to tread a better path.

Liam is a firm believer in using the best technology to power our economy, not just the technologies that are in vogue, and to get the monkey that is government off of the backs of ordinary Australians for having a go whether they be a worker or business owner.

Liam believes that all persons have a right to their own body and that no medical procedures should have precedence over that person's right to choose what enters their body.