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Krystle Mitchell
#2 Senate Candidate for Victoria

Krystle Mitchell is a born and bred Victorian, having lived in many parts of the State as a former 16-year veteran police officer, and as a ‘ward of the state’ in various DHHS residential care homes. Krystle first came to the Liberal Democrats as the pandemic response became more disproportionate. She witnessed the gross misuse of Victoria Police and could not stay quiet.

Since breaking the code of silence and risking her livelihood in a tell-all interview where she quit her job live, she became the first police officer in Australia to do this in uniform, and openly question the leadership of not only Victoria Police, but the Premier himself. Her passion for fairness, transparency, ethical-decision making and good-governance has ignited her drive to represent Victorians at a National level.

Krystle wants to see that this government overreach and slow creep into socialism is removed from our freedom-loving county. She wants to be the politician that you deserve – Someone who will serve the will of the people, reduce unnecessary government bureaucracy, and whose 16 years’ experience in policy, law, legislation, project management and so much more, will bring a new kind of diversity to Canberra. Krystle believes that alongside her fellow  victorious candidates, the ‘Lib Dems’ will provide a revolutionary style of sensible leadership currently missing in Australia.