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James Jackson
Candidate for Macquarie

James was raised in Sydney’s North West.

James has a proven 30 year record of running teams and delivering FinTech innovation throughout Asia Pacific. James’s first job was at 15 and he subsequently undertook undergrad and postgrad studies at night whilst working in banking during the day. A student of International Development at RMIT, James is keenly aware of the foundational importance of good governance, economic fundamentals, property and individual rights to societal flourishing. James believes Liberty is Australia’s jewel but also that it is exceedingly fragile and that we should all be vigilant in its protection and never, ever take it for granted.

James is running in Macquarie to build a better future for Australian children through the protection of the rights of their parents. As a father of two young children, both withheld abroad by their mother, James has first-hand understanding of the terrible limitations and detrimental impacts of ill-conceived, adversarial family law in Australia and overseas. James has volunteered for many years on the board of a national parental peer support charity and as a group facilitator helping Mums and Dads suffering from ‘parental alienation’ and helping them remain in their children’s lives.

If elected to the seat of Macquarie, James will fight tooth and nail for the classic liberal tradition of equality under law and for a new legal presumption that all separated parents enjoy equal shared parenting time of their children until they reach a negotiated consent. James says “It’s time to enshrine the ‘Golden Rule’, to level the playing field and in doing so remove the incendiary element that has for decades manifested family law dysfunction! We owe it to our kids to do better!”

James firmly believes volunteerism, as an expression of personal freedom, builds up community whereas unchecked welfarism breaks it down. When not assisting alienated parents, James volunteers with the Rural Fire Service and is a regular donor at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

James believes passionately that individuals should make their own health choices, that we should say no to mandates, no to health passports, no to coercion. James knows he has imperfect knowledge but that equally, so does Government – there is no ‘Ministry of Truth’ or monopoly on “science”. Authority is not truth, indeed truth is the only authority – and discovered only through free speech and wide, disciplined inquiry! With few exceptions people should not have to choose between their conscience and becoming unemployed - that is dead wrong! A better world, a moral world comes only through reciprocity and this requires negotiation, consent and individual responsibility – not handouts. Australia’s problems can’t be fixed by the same parties that created them – vote them out. Vote 1 for James and the LibDems for the great seat of Macquarie.