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Jacqueline Holroyd
Candidate for Tangney

The LibDem’s Freedom Manifesto strongly aligns with Jacqueline’s underlying libertarian ideals, encapsulating her beliefs as a business owner and citizen. Her combined experiences, education, being a business owner and mother make her an ideal advocate as the Tangney lower house representative, believing strong enterprise and hard work should be rewarded.

The political environment over the past decade distresses her, with developing academic theories, shifting popular beliefs and appeasing those agitating the loudest as the basis of political decisions. Jacqueline sees State and Federal decisions impacting the fundamental Australian way of life, people’s rights, liberties, how they work and live. Politicians overstepping, believing they know better while continuing to underestimate people’s ability to decide how they wish to live and work.

With the LibDems Jacqueline wants to be a part of the change away from overregulation, to reduce Government debt, to restore individuals rights over their health choices, free movement and restoring trust in the Government bodies elected to represent Australians.