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Ian Markos
#1 Senate Candidate for SA

Starting as a tradie, Ian rose to become the Director of Construction for SafeWork SA and the CEO of the Master Builders Association SA. His national and international work, policy expertise, political engagement, technical knowledge, and high-level public and private experience enable him to effectively represent the people of South Australia.

Ian has been a strong critic against mandates, lockdowns and emergency powers, and the effect they have had on small business and people's freedoms. While many politicians Ian spoke with agreed with his views in private, they lacked the courage to speak up in public. Due to his views he was removed from the Premiers Covid Response and Recovery committee.

Ian believes that elected representatives, not unelected bureaucrats, should run our government. He supports a freer society with lower taxes, fewer regulations that harm businesses and less bureaucracy. Ian believes in cheap reliable power, including the use of coal and nuclear power in a free market, removing regulatory barriers for affordable housing and bringing back sovereign manufacturing to Australia. Ian also believes we should be free to travel anywhere in Australia without the need for a government permit. He also believes an axe must be taken to the ever increasing red tape that strangles small business in Australia.

After seeing the absence of Federal Government support for the rights of Australians, Ian will be a strong voice for freedom in the Senate.