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Ian Christopher Roworth
Candidate for Farrer

Ian is a 53 year old grazier from Tooraweenah, an hour north of Dubbo in the foothills of the Warrumbungle mountains where he breeds merino sheep and beef cattle. Together with his wife Dee they have two teenage boys; one at school and the other involved in the farm business. He previously ran a contract shearing and agriculture business.

Ian has also been involved in pest animal control through the Rural Lands Protection Board, giving him a bit of experience with the complexities of government bureaucracy and regulation. He is also enthusiastically involved with the community through junior sport systems.

Before 2020, Ian felt disillusioned with the state of political representation but since then has felt a call to get involved and make a difference, bringing a country voice to city politics. He chose the LDP as a party genuinely committed to changing the way things get done.