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Harry Carr
Candidate for Deakin

Harry Carr has lived in Deakin for 30 years. After breaking through the poverty line in his early 20s, he established a small construction business which has opened his eyes to policies and regulation hindering the prosperity, conservation, and financial independence of our country’s foundational family run businesses.

He is a community member, always raising his voice in regards to injustices in our society. He is an advocate for human rights, equality and liberty in Australia and abroad, believing we are all as important as the next person.

Harry knows that the constituents of Deakin deserve a grounded member that has their interest for self-reliance and financial security as a high priority. The cost of living is decreasing our family economic power at an alarming and unsustainable rate to maintain a healthy functioning household.

Our government's responsibility is to protect the people's constitutional rights, land and prospect for opportunity, which have been openly violated in recent years. Australia needs to get serious with conserving our rights to freedom and liberty so generations after us can enjoy the beauty of our great land in all its forms

Harry believes that tax reform, a Bill of rights, and a government corruption watchdog are well overdue as our public servants have broken the social contract.

'Our government should never have any power to dictate ethics and impose arbitrary rules in our communities'