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Guy Jakeman
Candidate for Fenner

Guy has lived in the Division of Fenner for the past 21 years working in both the public and private sectors. He is a strong advocate for human rights and personal and economic freedoms. He was a founding member of the Liberal Democrats in 2001 and is a strong supporter the party’s principles and policies. He supports redirecting the focus of government back to its core roles of national defence, protecting individual rights, providing an accessible and effective justice system, and ensuring that there is a reasonable safety net for people who fall into misfortune. Guy is keen on improving the outcomes of our education, health and justice institutions and is a strong advocate for fostering a strong economy with minimal regulation and red tape that delivers employment opportunities to all.

He is a proud member of the Lions Club of Canberra Belconnen, the Economic Society of Australia, and is active throughout the Canberra community in a number of other not-for-profits.