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Greg Cheesman - Candidate for Menzies

Greg Cheesman will be the Liberal Democrats candidate for the seat of Menzies. Born and bred in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Greg is a fierce advocate for the democratic principles of self-determination, personal responsibility, and limited government intervention. 

In recent times, our government has failed to follow the core principles of a liberal democracy. Having been stripped of the fundamental right to earn an income, access education, travel, exercise medical autonomy and to speak freely, Victorians have ultimately been condemned should they wish to seek government transparency and to hold our elected leaders to account. 

As a family man, previous small business owner and passionate Victorian, Greg’s determination to change our government to truly represent the interests of the Australian people, and his electorate of Menzies, will contribute to restoring all Australians rights to freedom - OUR freedom, that should never have been taken from us by this government.


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