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Ethelyn King
Candidate for Chisholm

Ethelyn King is a Chisholm local, having lived in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for nearly 30 years after having spent her primary years in Gippsland. She was raised with the values her parents instilled within her such as to act with integrity, fairness and respect for the individual. 

The last 2 years of creeping authoritarianism, government overreach and lack of accountability from both major political parties motivated Ethelyn to take the bold step into politics to truly represent her community and electorate and to finally see someone in parliament that represents the everyday voter. 

Working full time in the learning sector, married to a small business owner, and mother of 2 small children, Ethelyn understands the pressures facing families and couples. From the rising cost of living, housing unaffordability, to the harms that have been caused (both emotional and economical) by pandemic restrictions. 

More than anything Ethelyn cherishes the values of freedom, and everything that comes with them: freedom of speech, freedom to work, freedom to travel. She believes that the writings of Voltaire have never been more relevant or necessary than right now:

"I detest what you say, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to say it".