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Eliot Metherell
Candidate for Dobell

Eliot knows that the only person who can run someone's life is themselves. He also knows that politicians are in the habit of running other people's lives carelessly and without regard to the cost.

Previously working for the Australian Taxpayer's Alliance, the country's leading grassroots free-market advocacy group, Eliot has spent years trying to make politicians see things from our side of the fence, from the ordinary Australian's side. Having also worked as a builder's labourer, he knows a bit about sweating for your pay too. 

White collar or blue, he's never stopped demanding a fair go for Australians. He's never stopped arguing for your right to keep what you earn and live how you like.

Eliot became a candidate for the LDP so he could keep battling for Australians to have a fair go and a free life.