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Edward Sok
Candidate for Hotham

Edward Sok is a young and passionate local who is fighting to give a voice for the next generation, small businesses, and the everyday worker. Born and raised in South-east Melbourne, He has been a resident of the Hotham electorate for his entire life.

Edward’s motivation to run as a candidate this election stems from seeing the destruction of small businesses, the government’s control over the education system and the mandates and lockdowns that have robbed people of their basic freedoms. He is passionate in representing the next generation and protecting our children’s futures.

Edward is proud to represent the Liberal Democrats as the legitimate party of the people. As the 2 major parties have betrayed the trust of the public, every worker regardless of income should know that voting for the 2 major parties has and will achieve nothing. As our freedom of speech is fading away and our wealth is being stolen through rising taxes, it is time for a common-sense approach to save our nation. Edward is dedicated to fight for the silent majority and to ensure that it is not the people that serve the government, but it is the Government that serves the people.